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Again and again the question arises in one or the other conversation, who is Ralf Semmler actually and what is he doing? Therefore, I hereby give you an insight into my person and my activities.
Through my countless travels in recent decades, whether privately or on business, I have had to get a very good view of the world.

You can not buy this experience, you have to experience it. Our children can share this experience with their life journey and hope that in the future they can be happy and happy.

It is an exciting time at the moment and will remain for the next few years. It will be a great challenge for all to survive the trade-off between the world and the world without agitation.
Let’s fight together and get more tolerance, even if it’s not always easy.

Ralf Semmler

Ralf Semmler

German origin: “the glorious wolf” A sincere human Unstoppable and always ready to find alternative solutions he wants to see results! Often not responsive. He lends life a high sense due its unrestricted efforts.

Where I live we speak swabian. It is in the beautiful south of Germany in Baden-Württemberg, the greater Stuttgart area, on the brink of the Swabian Alb. We are surrounded by different mountains, e. g. the famous Hohenstaufen (known from Barbarossa’s times), the castle Staufeneck, the Rechberg, the Ramsberg etc. The “Filstal” (Valley of the river Fils), which spreads from the east to the west, lies between the mountains. The river “Fils” springs from the so-called “Filsursprung”, flows through our valley and flows into the Neckar.The Neckar winds its way through Stuttgart, passing the largest European companies, such as Märklin, Eberspächer, Mercedes-Benz, Bosch or even Porsche.


1969 born near of Stuttgart, Germany
1984 school leaving certificate 
1987 Education to motor vehicle electrician (Bosch, VW) 
1990 Education to motor vehicle mechanic (truck and construction equipment)
1991 German federal army (repair, trainer)
1992 Automotive electrician master school (boarding school)
1994 Management at Semmler GmbH - truck repair
1995 Managing Director of Semmler GmbH TachoControl
2006 Foundation of TachoControl DATA GmbH
2007 Member of "Corte" Brussels 
2011 Expansion worldwide
2014 Working group Ministry of Transport Germany "Tachograph"
2016 Member of "CITA" new PTI Checks 
2017 selected member of "tachograph Forum" EU 165/2014
2018 Semmler GmbH celebrates its 50th anniversary
2019 Best-selling year for Semmler Gmbh
2020 I am elected chairman of the Mittelstand und Wirtschaftsunion district of göppingen
2021 New era by ,
2023 Election as deputy district chairman of the MIT district of North Württemberg


Ralf Semmler